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Update: July 12, 2014.

This website was created to review the circumstances surrounding the crash of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21sr, 1988.  The website was created in 1999 and developed into an extensive documentation of why Pan Am 103, TWA 800 and Air India 182 all crashed in what appeared to be a failure of the joint between Section 41 and Section 42. 

In 2007, Professor Robert Black started a blog which continues to this day.  This blog is by far the best site in which to follow current developments in this case in which evidence from a number of investigators points to the fact that neither Libya nor the PLO was involved in the crash of Pan Am 103.

The following link will give you access to Professor Black's blog.


Update: July 12, 2014.

An extremely important documentary named "TWA 800" has recently been produced.  This first aired on EPIX TV channel on July 18, 2013.  This documentary was created and narrated by Dr.Tom Stalcup and Kristina Borjesson and was created to demonstrate that the official version of why this plane crashed was totally fabricated by the NTSB.  It is suggested that TWA 800 was brought down by three missiles.  This story was discussed by Christine Negroni in the Washington Post.  You can find this documentary on EPIX or NETFLIX.

I watched the documentary twice, then contacted Dr. Stalcup to suggest that I thought his documentary was extremely well done, but that the conclusion that the plane was brought down by missiles was not correct.  My comments to him are included herewith.

"Reviewing the debris field from the departure point, it should be noted that the debris closest to the airport consisted of the two front-wheel doors, these were followed some distance later by Section 41, followed by the balance of the debris which was located over 4 miles from Section 41.

"Have you ever questioned why bursting a balloon creates such a noise?  The answer relates to my explanation of what happened during the break-up of TWA 800.  When Section 41 separated from the plane, the air released at 13,000 ft. from the pressurized cabin would make an enormous sonic boom.  This sonic boom was heard by over 200 people along the Long Island coastline that day and they would naturally look up to see where the sound was coming from.  At that point, I believe they would actually have seen the rupture of the central fuel tank as the pressure in the fuel tank of the plane was probably close to the ambient pressure at ground level at JFK airport, and was suddenly released at high altitude.  This would explain why it was assumed that an explosion took place in the central fuel tank.  When the fuel tank ruptured, the remaining fuel would, of course, burst into flames. It should be noted that in the official NTSB report, the testimony of the eyewitnesses was a major consideration in its conclusion that an explosion in the central fuel tank brought down the plane.

"As you know, light travels faster than sound.  I suggest that the observers first heard the sonic boom, looked out to sea, and heard the sound seconds before the fuel tank erupted and the fuel remaining in the fuel tank burst into flames, giving them the impression that the rupture of the central fuel tank had caused the plane to disintegrate.

"It should also be noted that TWA 800 would appear only 14 degrees above the horizon, which would make it difficult for them to judge exactly what was going on at the instant of the break-up.  It should also be noted that the humidity in the Long Island area that day was extremely high.  Under these very hazy conditions, a clear image of the break-up would not have been possible.

"In the documentary, the justification for assuming that the plane was brought down by missiles was that fast moving objects, moving away from the plane, were seen on radar.  I believe that these fast moving objects were actually the blades from the jet turbines which were rotating over 10,000 r.p.m. at the time of the disintegration.  At the time of the disintegration, the engines would change rapidly from horizontal trajectory to a more vertical trajectory, which would cause the engine blades to break through the engine cowlings.  There is a clear example of this in a crash of a DC 10 over Sioux Falls some years ago."


CNN Presents will be discussing the crash of TWA 800 on July 15, 2014.  I will make further comments after this program has aired.



For further details, please read my book.


I am hoping that investigative reporters such as Glenn Greenwald (with "The Guardian"), Christine Negroni (with the "Huffington Post), and even Congressman Rush Holt, will pick up the story.





"Plane Truth"

"A Private Investigator's Story"

by Carl A. Davies


"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Sir Walter Scott.


Please double click the image to enlarge.


This book can be purchased from amazon.com


I am in the process of writing the second edition of my book, which will include drastic developments in the investigation on Pan Am 103, TWA 800 and Air India 182.

I firmly believe this story will be hitting the worldwide news towards the end of March 2007 when it is expected that the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission will revert the Lockerbie case back to the Scottish courts!











A signed copy of this version of my book can be acquired for $35.00 by contacting me at:





Updated July 22, 2013

There has been a startling revelation.  It turns out that the two Gauci brothers in the Mary's clothing store in Malta were bribed to frame Megrahi.  Read details in the hyperlink.

Emails 2009\new revelations, Oct. 5 2009.doc

For further details about the Gauci brothers, and further proof that neither Megrahi or the Libyan government were involved with the crash of Pan Am 103, it is recommended that you review the latest videos on the subject, which can be accomplished by double-clicking the following URLs.



Updated September 18, 2009

There have been two important developments in the Lockerbie case.

1.    Megrahi is now back in Libya and although he has dropped his Second Appeal he has a website where he claims his innocence.


2.    There is an important document prepared by Gareth Peirce, a researcher who has studied the Lockerbie case in detail.  Access to excerpts and the full document can be seen at the following hyperlink.

Documents\Extracts from Gareth Peirce docs. Sept. 18 2009.doc

However, I recommend you access Professor Robert Black's excellent, up-to-date blog for the latest information on recent significant developments in the Lockerbie case.


To review some of the previous documentaries, I suggest you visit my new webpage at:


August 29, 2008.  For the latest information on the Lockerbie case, please double click the following hyperlink.


August 3, 2007.  Edwin Bollier of MEBO TELECOMMUNICATIONS has made a startling breakthrough.  I have created a special webpage for your review.  MEBO breakthru


The original Home Page can be accessed by double clicking the following hyperlink: Original Home Page

Based upon the fact that this website has been covering the crashes of Pan Am 103 (December 21, 1988), TWA 800 (July 17, 1996), and Air India 182 (June 23, 1985), I have decided to create three new webpages where one can quickly read what is currently active on these separate investigations.

The latest information on the Pan Am 103 investigation can be accessed by double clicking the following hyperlink:  lockerbie_2007.htm

The latest information on the TWA 800 investigation can be accessed by double clicking the following hyperlink:    twa_800,_2007.htm

January 8, 2007.  There have been some significant developments in both the Pan Am 103 crash investigation and the TWA 800 crash investigation. 


I, Carl A. Davies, am determined to discover the truth behind the crashes of Pan Am 103, TWA 800 and Air India 182.  The only way that an independent investigation will be undertaken is if the general public demands it of its government leaders.  We are in the process of organizing four, one-hour documentaries and a documentary film as follows:

Documentary 1.    A documentary of the political events leading up to the crash of Pan Am 103.

Documentary 2.    A documentary similar to the "Maltese Double Cross" up to the point where Libya is accused of being involved with the crash of Pan Am 103.

Documentary 3.    A documentary from the point when the Libyans were accused to the point where Abdel Baset Al-Megrahi was jailed.

Documentary 4.    A summary documentary showing the flaws in the entire case, including the review of the entire case by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Based upon these four documentaries, we will create a documentary film which could be shown around the world.





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